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Advise on a romy build

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I finished up my last romy g build a while back. Damn is that thing fugly. I am thinking about going all tactical on it. 4 rail handguard, folding stock, lots of add ons.
I like the 4 rail that dph and copes has but what kind of stock should I use? Copes has a romy side folder that might work. I had one of the plastic ones from tasco and did not like it.

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This is what I did to my Romy build: Falcon Arms Replacement Springs FN FAL Fal Spring AK 1911 Recoil Magazine folding stock, aperture sight/dustcover, US grip, M16 flash hider
AK-47 Accessories, AK-47 Mini-14, Mini-30, M1 .30 Carbine Scout Scope Mount from UltiMAK handguards,

Look around you may find better prices on the grip, hanguards and flash hider. Also, Black Thorne does not list the top cover anymore but Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories has a similar sight.


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I like the Rommy sidefolders.
Yes. I agree with 555th. The romy side folder is good and solid. Copes has them for $49.99.
The fun of the AK is the choices of interchangeable parts.
Hell if the Romy is real ugly, just tell everybody it is your truck zombie gun.
How ugly is it? Uglier than my zombi, whatever this started out as, AK.
Chinese gas tube, Romy side folder, God knows what other parts I grabbed and threw it together. Bolt and carrier :confused:
Head spaced her and she shoots. Ugly Zombi killing truck gun. :)
I might toss some duct tape on it to make it uglier. :)


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Tim, that AK is far, FAR from ugly. Looks great, like it means business! :)
Do I have to remove the rear tang to fit the romy folding stock? It looks like it bolts right up to the original holes.
The Romanian sidefolding stock screws onto the same trunnion as the wood buttstock.
Hey Frige, insted of going with a 4 rail handguard, take a look at this 5 rail set up.
It would look good with a folding or a collapsible stock W/Adjustable Cheek Piece.

5 RAIL SYSTEM for AK models - BLACK | AA-OK


There is plenty of rail to put about any of your tactical gadgets with that set up.
Well this is what I came up with so far. This is just a mock up still needs some tlc, and I think I will paint it with guncote. Looks much better though

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looks nice, i like the factory side folder with the black hg. i don't know what people have against the romy wood front pistol grips but that's the nice thing about aks, easy to change around
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