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Advise on Grinder For AK Projects and General Use

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Does anyone have any recommendations on a good, yet not too expensive, angle grinder for both general use and for AK projects? I'm currently looking at this one below:

Any advice is appreciated.
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That one will work fine, but I think if you look around a little bit you can find a little better price.
That looks just like the one I have but IIRC I only paid about $20.

Do you have any of those traveling tool shows in your area?
They usually have a good deal on them.
A Dremel is a great tool, and I use mine frequently, but occasionally you need <Tim the tool man Taylor voice on> More Power <TT voice off>

Think of the Dremel as a small ball pein hammer and the angle grinder as a 3lb. sledge
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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