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AGI Video reviews???

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Has Anyone out there actually SEEN the new AGI Video on Homebuilding an AK?? Sounds nice, but I would like a review from someone who has actually seen it before coughing up the $69!!! Is it better or worse than the Ohm's Research video?? ALSO, are these screw or rivet builds in these videos?? Thanks, Bill.
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Rivet builds from what I understand, but mine hasn't come yet. I may give them a call because its been a couple weeks. I ordered a book at the same time, I think thats what's slowing it down.
I called to see what was up (he he already knew because of you guys) and switched my order to VHS. I also ordered the FN FAL build video on DVD, which was in stock.
Thanks Scuba I was going to build a G3 but Ive been reading a LOT of comparison posts (vs FAL) and I don't thonk anyone has really come out for the G3. Everyone says FAL. I'll just have to save my pennies.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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