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This is a step-by-step guide on removing your entire fire control group from your AK-47 receiver.

Step 1 - Start off by removing the retaining spring/wire (aka sheppard spring) holding the pins in place. Once that's done, remove the hammer pivot pin. You can use a punch, or any pointed object to help you push the pin out. Now you may have to work with the hammer while pushing the pin out since the hammer spring exerts some tension on the pivot pin.

Step 2 - Once your hammer pivot pin is out, you can now remove the hammer and hammer spring. Simply give it a few twists and work it out of the receiver.

Step 3 - Now you can remove the trigger pivot pin and the trigger assembly group. Keep a good hold on the trigger assembly group, as the small disconnector spring may come flying out. It helps to put the pivot pin through the assembly to keep them all in place after you've taken them all out. Also take note of the trigger assembly parts and their relation to one another for re-installation. You have now successfully disassembled your entire FCG.

Step 4 - To re-assemble, start off by installing the hammer. Make sure your hammer is facing the proper direction and it's not backwards. Once the hammer is installed, now install your retaining spring around the hammer pivot pin. I helps to use a flat screwdriver to push the hammer spring aside while getting the retaining spring around the hammer pin.

Here's how it should look when properly installed:

Step 5 - Now it's time to re-install your trigger assembly. First off, get the pivot pin started - make sure it is ABOVE the retaining spring and underneath the hammer spring as shown here:

Step 6 - Now you can install your trigger assembly. Keep a finger on the disconnector to keep it from coming off and the spring from falling out. Line it up as best you can and work the pivot pin through the entire trigger assembly.

Step 7 - Now with your trigger assembly fully seated and installed, grab a needle-nose pliers and set the left and right side of the hammer spring legs on the trigger as shown:

Step 8 - You're almost done! Prior to getting the retainer spring fully seated in the trigger pivot pin, temporarily hook the left hammer spring leg over the disconnector as shown below. It's not necessary, but it makes things a bit easier.

Step 9 - This is your final step. Take your flat screwdriver and press down on the retaining spring as pictured, while pushing it underneath the trigger pivot pin. Make sure the spring locks in underneath the pin where the rings/grooves are.

Done! If you hooked the left hammer spring leg over the disconnector, make sure you place it back to where it should be, just over the trigger area. The following photo shows how it all should look once you're done.

This guide and photos was created by and has been slightly revised to fit the format of this forum.
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