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7.62x39 said:
Now here's something no self respecting AK owner should be without.

Love to have one of these, a little pricey though at $700. A few design flaws as well:

Tripod not up to task of taming two roaring AKs
Crank handle/ wheel too small
Yolk attachment does not allow use of drum
Goofey looking barrel shroud
Poor sighting system
No T & E controls, guns basically "dance" where they want

BMI, the company that actually MAKES this thing has not sold many last we spoke.

I think that BMI would like to dump these at one time. If we could get these for a good price on a GB would any of you be interested?

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AK-74Freak said:
I wouldnt buy it...

Too tempting to put an electric motor on the crank, probably a big NO NO.

Definatly a big no no... As long as it can't be operated by depressing a switch.. Already checked that out, had a real nice idea for a 1919a4 backplate with otor driven trigger=Machine Gun....Stupid laws anyway....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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