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AK 47 shot gun

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:naughty: I wander why there are no ak shot gun kits like the saiga's?

I would think it would be fun to make a small AMD65 in 410 or .20 gauge.

any ideas on barrel, bolt, mags and fitting? :hdbng:
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I like my SPAS-12. Not an AK, but lots of fun pistol-gripping 9 rounds of double-00 downrange. Pistol-gripping it isn't really that bad, either. Surprisingly less than you'd think. After just a little bit of practice, I feel my firing discipline is steady to the point that I feel comfortable using it for real.

Reload is a bugger - so its pretty much an entry weapon or home defense (basing on the "average" 2-second gun engagements) but you'll be sure to get them "all" with that sucker! ;)
A couple things I gotta say about this -

I like the AMD front-pistol grip idea on the shotgun - very interesting idea.

This would have extremely limited application in the LE world. Tactical entry, etc. must always consider collateral damage like the passed-out crack whore bent over the sofa in the same room as the dope pusher they are trying to arrest. "oops I shot the crack whore while shooting at the dope pusher" is a bad thing for LE public image. Then again, military could probably find use in this when raiding things like Osama Tunnels in Afghanistan. Which brings me to my next point -

No GUN CONTROL here - that big fella could barely keep the shots on the side of a MINI VAN so I know a skinny little guy like me is going to be throwing lead all over the street in front of the bank. If a horde of commie bastard zombies were coming my way, OK, but *DARN* that looks like an unweildy weapon. And I thought my SPAS-12 was unweildy!!!! :D Needs a muzzle brake to be sure. This is one application where I can see a huge unweildy (and HEAVY) weapon making more sense. Thus the USAS-12 could be a better solution, IMO. Semi-auto to be sure, but possibly a better solution.

Since this is for LE/Military, they need to make a spiral-wind 25 round drum for that sucker, ala USAS-12 drum mags. Now THAT would be a crowd pleaser.

I would choose slugs for most situations. IMO that would be the best solution with this type of weapon. FA 12-gauge slugs (even saboted slugs) would provide enough lead downrange. I know, I know, ammo selection is an age-old argument where everyone is wrong and everyone is right so I don't expect anyone to agree w/ this point.

What's up with the teddy bear? They have issues with cute cuddly animals? :D
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kevin_m4 said:
Hartz, did you get those 10 round usas mags to work in the saiga?
THere has been some talk on that on the forums. Or is it

Apparently some judicious dremel work will get you there.

Those 8 round mags Oleg sells are the shit, but at $70 a pop, damn one could quickly have as much money in mags as the gun. I have a Saiga 12c and I like it, but the mag issue sucks.
Demand is high, and rightfully so. No one knows how long it will take before these are banned as DDs or at least prohibited. "BUY THEM NOW" even if you don't have the rifle - these could go away any time and you don't want to go looking for them after then. Think about Chinese 100-round drums. Bought mine for $40 back in the day... now you can't find them for < $150.

If you decide not to get a Saiga-12 then you can ALWAYS sell them for cost and break even. After the holidays I plan to pick up a few of them every month or so... spread the cost around. ;)
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