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ak-74 finish

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Howdy all, just getting into AKs and have a brand new condition Bulgy Plum kit in hand and an OOW receiver. Wondering what color of Gunkote would best match the rest of the rifle. Anybody here had any luck matching the finish on a Bulgy? Thanks in advance

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The finish on all the other metal parts (trunions, barrel, etc.) are in perfect condition so I am not sure I want to strip those. What ever they use to finish the metal is pretty tough stuff. However, you would recommend striping the whole thing versus just applying a finish to the receiver and trigger guard?

The existing paint can be used as a base coat for whatever you are going to use as the top coat.

I would recommend that when ready to paint, degrease the entire rifle, and paint over the existing paint.

FYI, I think I've found a cheaper finish that I once read is Tantal's recommendation to match the factory black. Will be testing out soon, but it looks promising. It's actually an epoxy lacquer auto chassis paint from Eastwood - - they shipped it faster than expected, so I need to get my plum kits finished up & coat!

Cheaper than gunkote too ;)
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