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Here's how to detail-strip the bolt. The most important thing to remember is that the pins only go out and back in through ONE side. Note on the ejector slot side of the bolt there is a "window" where you can see the extractor pin and firing pin retaining pin. You want to push the firing pin out toward the extractor and the extractor retaining pin out through this "window".

Push the firing pin retaining pin out with the punch in your cleaning kit by pushing it in the direction of the extractor. The punch in your cleaning kit is made for this. If you use another tool, make sure the shank is the same diameter or you may bugger the punch-out hole and the pin my fall out even when the bolt is assembled. Sometimes the pin is a little obstinate, so a little bit of gentle tapping is okay here.

Next, you push the extractor retaining pin out through the "window" in the bolt. Note that the extractor retaining pin has a groove for the firing pin retaining pin. When you reassemble the extractor, make sure this groove is visible through the bolt "window" previously discussed, and that it is oriented so that the larger "step" on this groove is toward the front of the bolt.

You will have to push in on the extractor to get the extractor pin back in. Once the extractor pin is in all the way, you are ready to reinstall the firing pin. Note that the firing pin has a little "step" on one side to allow clearance for the firing pin retaining pin. This "step" needs to face the ejector slot as the firing pin is reinstalled. Then reinstall the firing pin retaining pin. A little gentle tapping is okay, but if it won't go back in, then something is out of alighnment. Either the groove in the extractor pin is not lined up properly, or the firing pin is not lined up properly. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE.


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