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AK Build Draws Blood!

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AH! A build web site that has a Hunting Forum!

I built a Hunting AK on a Marsh Hawk 80%'s got all the Mall Ninja gear! Quad rail FHG, Gator Bakk rail, RPK style FH, Tapco G2 FCG, ATI Fiberforce butt stock, UTG bi-pod (to be updated to the 27" Harris) and my personally hand made "Ninja Selector". The NC Star POS scope will be gone as soon as I get my 2X7X40 Center Point scope in.

Any way; shot a hog on the second trip to the woods! The shot was 75 yards using Wolf black box 123Gr HP ammo. The scope sucks, so went with the high precentage shoulder shot. She went about 40 yards before she piled up.

Here is a few pics:


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Good score on the piggy. Bet it is also quite tasty.
AK's, fun to shot, fun to hunt with, and fun just to rub on.
Jimmy, that last part should sound a little disturbing but I totally get it ;-)

Jimmy, that last part should sound a little disturbing but I totally get it ;-)

I'm always putting my foot in my month.
A gun and a woman are kind of alike,
rub them just right,and they will go off on you.
Nice looking hog, looks like the perfect eating size.. A real BBQ also... Did you remove the bullet (if found) and see how it preformed ie. expanded etc.. It preformed well enough to bring home the bacon; that is a fact, but just wondering. I'd have tried to use a soft point bullet just because I'm not sure I'd trust a hollow point to either not blow up or the tip may close up and act as a FMJ.. but at 75 yards I doubt it would matter much on a well placed shot... Congrats on your hunt.. B2B
I use the HP exclusively. I dropped a large boar hog last fall with the white box Russian hunting ammo. He moved forward a body length and was down. The bullet enter on the point of the shoulder and went though the "plate", exiting behind the off shoulder. Shoot two doe both went a little ways...maybe 30 yards before they went down. I really don't know how many hogs have bit the dust, but I have only recovered one bullet. It was FMJ on a head on shot...entered point of shoulder and found the intact bullet between the ham and the skin...125lb class hog was dead in 30 yards.
Oh great, now I'm hungry! Nice lookin' build!!
Good shootin. Hell I got hungry lookin at that grill myself. :hyper:
The Division of Wildlife does not want wild boar in Ohio and encourages eradication. Please call 1-800-WILDLIFE and report the known location(s) of wild boar.
I just checked a map of places to find wild boar in Ohio.There is a place in Preble county about 70 miles north of me (Cininnati).:biggrin:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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