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hotbarrel said:
I am wondering if anyone can say with any certainty if their is any legal issue with drilling a hole through the manufactors name and address info. NOT the serial number. The new made vulcan recievers have had the ser number moved so we can build useing the folders. however the manufactors info is still going to be in the way. you would think they would have done something about this during the change, rite. oh well....
if I drill and rivet through the name is this a NO NO like serial number :confused: Anyony that can advise will be appreciated THANKS
the text reads " ...obliteration of a manufacturer's unique marking...", however, i've seen this done, and don't believe it is a significant impropriety to cover a small part of a mark that is otherwise obviously identifiable. the intent of the law is to prevent an individual from hindering an identification of the object. hiding a few letters on the makers name won't prevent a reasonably knowledgeable individual from identifying it's maker, and thereby tracking it by it's serial number.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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