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amd 65 front handgrip

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I don't know if anyone noticed the picture of my amd 65 that I posted has the front handgrip moved forward about 3/4 of an inch. It eliminates the problem of getting 30 round clips in it. I can even put my 40 rounders in it. ak'sr4me


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Cephus said:
I been thinking about puting one on the leftside kinda like the sten mag sticks out. I think it would be easier for the hip shots. Any ideas on how to start,and will the metal hold up with a back piece welded on for support?????
kind of like the piccatiny (sp?) rails that are on three sides of the front lower handguard? That way you could slide the grip on left or right or bottom. Plus you could put some type of bracket on the pistol grip so that the original grip could be used. I saw a pic somewhere on one of the forums (could've been here but I think it was roderus - not sure though) of a homemade three rail setup. If I can locate the pic I'll post it here.
Here is the thread dealing with the piccatiny rails on the amd65 lower handguard. amd65 handguard mod - roderus

Here are two of the pics posted by mlk werks (he is the one that did this mod and these pics are from the thread he started at roderus).

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Cephus said:
Thanks but I don't think I can stand long enough to do all that . I'm still working on rails I'll try to send you yours soon.Sorry for the long time coming back to you but I been having some bad days for about 3 months and I can't even catch up on my Honeetdo jobs at this time .I got an appointment with the VA but you know how long that takes.Again thanks and I sorry for the wait on those rails.
cephus, not a problem with the rails. I understand things come up. Plus honey do jons can be the worst sometimes :).

Looking at the pictures again I would have to agree with Jack that it is good old American ingenuity. Seeing the idea of the piccatiny rails opens up many possibilities for the front handguard. Plus with the AR15 style pistol grip and buttstock it makes for an interesting weapon.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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