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AMD 65 on the way

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I think I see a new project in my future . I realy hope my 65 is as nice as other guys report. then I will get some photos up. AND NO I do NOT have a bettre cammera yet sorry hahahah :confused: but my usual crappy photos will still be their.
DID most of you guys like the last time that I posted a build here and put all the decisions up to a vote? I realy enjoyed the member involvement of getting differant oppinions and then building what the majority wants to see. I know it realy added a lot to the fun of build for me. I may do that again sometime but not with the 65,,,, well maby the 65 too I am not shure. not a lot of options with the 65.
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holy mackeroley
now I am totaly confused ,, how can I ever choise??? :confused:

So bright yellow you are thinking HMMmmm

this is like the icecream place in town ,,, now do I decide?? I want them all.

I will post when the 65 gets here
winn I may be intrested in one if you can find them and want to get rid of one.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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