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AMD 65 on the way

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I think I see a new project in my future . I realy hope my 65 is as nice as other guys report. then I will get some photos up. AND NO I do NOT have a bettre cammera yet sorry hahahah :confused: but my usual crappy photos will still be their.
DID most of you guys like the last time that I posted a build here and put all the decisions up to a vote? I realy enjoyed the member involvement of getting differant oppinions and then building what the majority wants to see. I know it realy added a lot to the fun of build for me. I may do that again sometime but not with the 65,,,, well maby the 65 too I am not shure. not a lot of options with the 65.
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Ryan--Like this?


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The next one had the same colors and you're even "a part of" it.

any idea what it would take to tap the L1A1 muzzle? Or would it be easier to thread the barrel?
Ryan, I have a couple of them laying around here somewhere.

I remember them because there was a hidden pin and I could not get the damn things to unscrew.
I'm never shy of parts-- Only order.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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