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AMD barrel question

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I know that now that the ban has sunset we do not have to weld our brakes on anymore on the legal length barrels, but what about the Amd 65. Since this requires and extra long brake or a barrel extension plus brake to bring it to the legal length, do these still have to be welded on permanetly???? ak'sr4me
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Thumb Clip Pull Pin said:
Yes, you will have to weld on the extension and break, or a long break because you are adding length to the barrel to bring it to minimum legal length.

(Exception 1) If your barrel extension is long enough to make the barrel legal, then the break would not have to be welded on.

Otherwise you would have to register this rifle as a "short barreled rifle" and pay the upropriate taxes.

Thumb Clip Pull Pin
Thanks Thumb Clip Pull Pin. ak'sr4me
Tapcos extension does not get the barrel to legal limits.With the Amd brake added to the extension it is then 16 inches. So from what I am understanding they still have to be welded or silver soldered even though the ban has sunset. Is this correct?????? ak'sr4me
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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