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AMD65 side plate installation

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Yet another question:

I am going to install a side plate on my AMD65 build. I've never done this before, and found this quite helpful video tutorial

[video=youtube;Ljh8aeYqWuU]]YouTube - Drilling The Scope Rail Build your own AK AK47[/video]

However, the rear hole he uses is for a rivet in a standard trunnion. The rear trunnion on the AMD65 does not use the standard rivet pattern.

Should I simply drill a hole where it would normally be? How should I locate that hole? Does it matter as long as the other holes are consistent with the error?

Thanks for your help
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Locate the rail parallel with the upper rails, and at the same drop as a standard receiver rail from those same top rails. It won't hurt a thing to add a rivet hole, just be sure the internal head isn't interfering with the FCG or safety.
Thats what I needed to know. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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