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An NRA Evening to Remember

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AClay47 meets "Give 'em Hell Zell"

I attended last week's NRA Get Out The Vote Rally in Charlotte, NC. I met and shook hands with Senator Zell Miller and NRA President Wayne LaPierre. I told Senator Miller how I enjoyed his speech at the Republican Convention. His reply with a smile was, "A lot of people didn't." It was an honor to meet such people face-to-face. Let me tell you, neither gentleman was the least bit snooty. They were very engaging. After I got over the shock of being with them, I carried on conversations with each. Wayne La Pierre even autographed an NRA cap for me to take to a friend of mine, Robert Smith III, an NRA volunteer and disabled vet. Bobby's one hell of a guy, and getting that cap was a big deal to him! Thanks President La Pierre!

The message of the rally was simple. This is a most important election, and voter turnout is critical. Get out the vote!

Those of you who are reading this probably weren't there, but the message was not just to me. It was to each of you as well. You must vote, but more than that make sure your family votes, and make sure your friends and coworkers understand the need to vote for candidates who support the Second Amendment.

I was interviewed with another volunteer by a TV newsman after the rally. He asked why I went to the rally. I replied that I wanted to help the NRA defend the Second Amendment and our liberties. Then, he asked why I supported the Second Amendment. I replied, because, "the Second Amendment defends all the others."

I hope you feel the same! Let's kick some gun-grabber butt this election!
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Nice job and great picture.
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