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News Release from NRA-ILA -


In a November 19, news release, the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance (USSA) reported that two vehemently anti-hunting groups have revealed their plans to merge.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) plans to join forces with the Fund for Animals to create a single, and they hope, stronger and better-funded, animal "rights" organization.

The two groups are currently classified as "non-profit charities"--a designation that restricts the amount of money they're able to spend on lobbying. Under its new classification as a "social welfare program," the group will be able to spend much more on lobbying activities.

While both groups have been outspoken in the past with respect to their opposition to hunting, the pending merger leaves no doubt as to where the new group will stand on the issue. Scripps Howard News Service reporter Lance Gay recently revealed that sources within both groups confirmed that the new organization would seek an outright ban on bowhunting as a first priority!

It has also been reported that the new group will have combined assets in excess of $95 million with which to fund its hunting-ban agenda.

"The merger announcement serves as a wake up call to [bow] hunting groups to reunite to defeat what promises to be a powerful attack on our heritage from this monstrous anti-hunting group," said Rick Story, USSA's Senior Vice President. "To win, we will need to energize the vast grassroots network of sportsmen across this country."
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