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any cheaper hk flats?

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i have been thinking about building an hk and thease are teh cheapest flats i can find. seems kinda hi!!!


link dont seem to be working.

HK 93 Receiver Flat - HKPARTS.NET but these are them and there $299 !!!!
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sorry. the ones i was talking about are hk33 flats. but thanks for the link. thats the cheapest i have seen for 91 flats.
Wow, that is cheap, I remember they were 70 bucks for the longest time.
Remember when 9mm flats were more expensive than 100% receivers?
Now there $30: Product Listing -
Called Ohio Rapid Fire two days ago. They were out of the G3/Cetme size flats.

I was about to order a bunch of HK91 and MP5 receivers and the webpage is down. Is it too late? Any other options for HK receivers???
Yes, you are way late, that ship sailed probably 2+ months ago. Take a look at Robert G and see what they have there.
There's a good chance the Robert RTG flats are German - $170 each for the 33/93 (5.56) flats.
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