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Could be used for stamped receivers but you would need to either get a threaded trunion ( and get a stamped receiver rear trunion) or you could turn down the threads. Of course you will still need both front and rear trunions still.

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Not really worth the money.
If you ad in the cost of trunions (front and rear), cost of trigger guard with related stuff, and the potential cost to turn the threads off it becomes more cost effective to buy a polish kit or even a joeken romy kit.

You can also buy a ssr-56 barreled receiver and end up being ahead.
It has a chinese barrel.

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sks_hunter said:
question on turning down the threads...
would there be enough meat remaining there for a pin?
People have remarked on this in the past that it is doable - the problem is that no one has mentioned how thick it is after the lathe job. Chinese trunions are normally 19mm and all the Euro trunions are 22 (23?) mm. So without knowing the measurements, there really are only three choices, as I see them:

- Try a Chinese 19mm trunion. Rivet holes are different.

- If the thread removal leaves the barrel at 22mm, try a Euro-style 22mm trunion.
- If the barrel won't fit the Euro trunion, fabricate a sleeve to attach to the barrel to make it 22mm thick.

how would the now non-threaed barrel mate to the trunion?:dunno:
The non-threaded barrel would mate to the trunion by a press-fit, like normal stamped receivers are assembled.

You know, we need to talk to someone (at the Firing Line?) who has done this to get the measurements of the barrel after the lathe work is done.

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JA545 said:
This is how Century Arms made the MISR-90 rifles from Maadi receivers and MAK-90 parts kits.
I had a misr-90 at one time. It was the ugliest, crudest AK I have ever owned. The receiver had gouges & scratches all over it. cant leave out all of the machine marks too!!! I bought it brand new for $150 and sold it for $175 a year later.

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