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Thekatar said:
I live in an apartment complex and my firearms are kept in a locked closet. I am getting married in November so the old lady will be moving in and, needless to say she needs some room for her stuff.

My only option is to purchase a strong, heavy gunsafe and put it out in my garage unit.

I am asking opinions for which would be the lesser of two evils: guns inside a locked closet inside a locked apartment or guns inside a locked gunsafe inside a garage detached from my apartment.

For background info, it is a gated community in a very low crime area.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

p.s. I know that the best option is to have a house out in the middle of nowhere with an underground bunker with access through an airlock via retina-scan and voice print analysis, etc, etc... this is not an option right now.
my advice is to not go with the bunker in the middle of nowhere with an airlock (unless you have a lot of money ;) ). All joking aside, I would recommend the locked closet inside the locked apartment. When I lived in an apartment before I was married I had about 7 guns and kept them in my apartment. Not only were the guns more secure inside my place but also I had access to them easier than if they were outside. Plus if you need to get your guns out or do anything with them people could potentially see what you were doing in your garage unit where in your apartment you would have more privacy. Just my opinion of course and your wife to be should understand. Another thought would be to get a small gunsafe to go into one of your unlocked closets (or somewhere else inside the your apartment). That way the guns would be locked up also. Would it be possible that you put your stuff in the locked closet and let her have a different closet? Just some thoughts...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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