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Apex. A+

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Tracking number. Delivered as promised.
I sent the old lady on vacation. I am ordering everything while she is gone.
The BBB trucks are lined up on my road. :)
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4th -
Geez - make me wish I were there. It would be a party (oh wait the party is at Silver Glen on Memorial Day weekend :D :D :D). Are you going to the reunion at the end of the month? I've been trying to wear out the shirts from the past reunions (I wear each one at least once a week, interspersed with gunco shirts :) ). There is a Vietnam vet memorial on Ramstein AB.
Drink a few for me at the reunion and while the "old lady" is on vacation don't drink to much with bicycle bill and the mayor of Astor :lol:.
funny, I don't see any BBB trucks, my is yellow truck with big white trailer .
I belong to the Queen Mary club @ UPS.
They have delivered the equivalent weight in metric tonnage
to my address. Smart man, timing the delivery's.
I like Apex quite a lot.

funny, I don't see any BBB trucks, my is yellow truck with big white trailer .
You will never never out buy me. Haaa Haaaa. :nanabang::geezer::deadhorse
Rahatlakhoom. Please give me a link too that club. I want to join. Oh I will show that Bluejack. :)

Sniper the re-union has unofficially started. We already had a beer fest with the boys on my dock on there way down to Melbourne.
Let the party begin. Yahooo.
Yes I will get you your annual shirt. P.M. me with the size and address you want it sent too.
You better be gettin in shape young feller. I aint sending you a 4XXXL like that last one. :lol::lol:
The Mayor says Hi. He is down too about 475 pounds now. He is heading to Haiti too do Electrical union work.
I told him too be careful they may eat him there. :)


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