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APEX Egyptian Kit Build Progress

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Almost ready to test fire my Egyptian Maadi that I picked up from APEX. Started to build a junker pistol with some spare parts, and decided to pick up one of these kits from APEX. I figured for $135.00 for a barrel-less kit, I could have all the parts I needed, plus some. Well, the kit turned out to be so nice, that I decided to build it as a screw build Maddi rifle instead. Still need to fine tune the upper slot for the handguard retainer, and install the FCG, and then it's off to the range. Once she's dialed in, I'll give her a park n paint with some Duracoat SL. Used a Yugo M70 barrel for it, with some reprofiling work. Amazingly, once headspaced, the gas port hole lined up perfect with the gas block!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Less work. Also, the furniture turned out pretty darn good. I was very pleased with the color and the finish. Hell, there's probably 8 coats of Poly on it now. Pics don't do it justice. Any rate, don't be too hard on me, it's my first Maddi.


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Very nice job. Looks good! Let us know how she shoots. I'm also working on a non yugo ak47 kit with a yugo barrel so it is nice to know the gas port should line up correctly with the gas block..
Looking great! I haven't even started on my Maadi, I sure hope it turns out as nice as yours. Thanks for sharing!
is the barrel pin in the same spot on the yugo barrel as an akm?
Hey that's a nice piece.
Like the wood.
Looks great! I'm waiting for the wife to get distracted with something shiny so i can drop that little amount of change on one of those same kits from Apex! :D
I think the Apex kits are sweet and with a Lancaster new barrel for $66 that even makes it better. I am looking at doing a couple like that myself. Just checked and prices are $69 for a new barrel, 0_home but still a good deal. just an idea. The Apex kits with Romy chrome lined barrels were a nice build. I have a couple of those too. Can you ever have enough parts kits?
nice work Chris!!its a keeper!!
he says Can you ever have enough parts kits?:lol:
only wished i had enuff money:bawling:
Thanks guys. I really appreciate all of the kind words.

Jreifsch80, yes the barrel pin slot is in the same location. Took a pretty darn good sized oversized pin to headspace correctly though.

Gunco, I was VERY pleased that the gas port lined up. I had always heard that you had to weld the old hole and redrill, but this one was perfect. The handguard retainer slot had to be moved aft approximately 3/4", and the RSB pin slot had to be moved also. It wasn't really as bad as I thought going in.

Welldog, I hadn't seen those barrels before. Are they still available?? And, no, you can NEVER have enough parts kits!!!!!!!!! lol.

Thanks Bob. BTW, I got the package you sent. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

I tell you what, I spent way more time on the wood furniture than anything else. Stripped it bare when I first got the kit, and then stained it with Minwax "Sedona Red" with 10 drops of red food coloring added. Then for the last coat of stain, I used red food coloring cut with about 30% warm water. Let that stand about 10 minutes and wiped dry. Let it dry a few days then started laying the Minwax polyeurathane to it. Sanded with 500 grit between each coat. Pics don't even remotely do it justice. Almost to nice to handle!!!!

A+++++ to APEX for a great kit also. Was much better than the website would have you believe.
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I got one too and like you i was just gonna build a pistol with it but I'm gonna build it like it is with a romy barrel
Good call Swamprat. They are just too nice to part out. I'm very pleased with mine.
Wow! Glad to see a yugo barrel will work on these after some work on a lathe.... I was thinking I'd have to look all over for another Romy barrel.....
im glad you can use the parts :)
think i may have to get one of those egyptian kits- for the money seems like one of the better ones ive seen
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