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Thanks to dutigaf for posting this

this is for the little marks you see on the upper receiver usually towards the rear right about the forward assist or on the carry handle.

this is not a all inclusive list & as much as id like to, cant take credit for all this knowledge as it was shared with me by various Blackrifle experts here, at and the guys at Biggerhammer along with my own research on the net.

remember it doesnt matter who's name is stamped on the reciever (DPMS, RockRiver, S&W, DELTON, COLT, CMMG etc)... these marks are primarily for the actual FORGE that cast them.

some people think this is a big deal & others? not so much.

here's the info:

A (splintered) = Anchor Harvey Aluminum
AF = Alcoa Forge
C AF = Colt Alco Forge
C MB = Colt / Mueller Brass
Cardinal (stylized) = Cardinal Forge
CH = Colt Harvey Aluminum
Circle/Crosshairs w/"AR" = ArmaLite
CK = Colt / Kaiser Aluminum
CM = Colt / Martin Marietta
D (stylized) = Diemaco
DK = Diemaco / Kaiser Aluminum
E = Emco
EK = EMCO/Kaiser
E MB = EMCO/Mueller Brass
F keyhole = FNMI / Cerro Forge
FA = FNMI / Anchor Harvey
FK = FNMI / Kaiser Aluminum
FM = FN/Martin Marietta
FMB = FNMI / Mueller Brass
Keyhole = Cerro Forge
L = Lewis Machine & Tool
LK = LAR / Kaiser Aluminum
LM = LAR / Martin Marietta
M (under diamond) = Mueller Industries
PA = Capco / Anchor Harvey
PM = Capco / Martin Marietta
box= BrassAluma Forge (mainly for Colt)
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