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AR pistol grip adapter

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Never seen one of these before today... Not sure how I like. Found it all at one store, here in so-cal of all places... thoughts? opinions?

And yes i did destroy the back part of the trigger guard in the demilling process :(

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Well they sell a SAW grip for the AK so I'm not sure why you'd buy an adapter to use a grip that is available in AK pattern to begin with.

Other than that I have a personal aversion to making AK's look like AR-15's.

That is one rough looking receiver.
Don't fret, I broke my Yugo M72 trigger guard pulling it out of the box it came in!

I forget who got it, someone on this forum was going to weld it and fix it? Come on now, 'fess up. Who got my broken trigger guard? ;) :D
Well, I had in the place and that was what they had at the time. probably gonna pick up something different eventually. this was one of those "2 am infomercial" type of impulse buys...mostly pointless, but had to get it just to see what it would do.

The receiver does look pretty rough in that picture for some reason. kinda scared me, i had to look at the rifle again...its just like that in the picture, not sure why.
I've got a pistol that was the first AK that I built from a flat, and I used the poor mans jig. Didn't come out quite right, so I beat it into submission. It works great, but looks MUCH worse than that receiver, so don't sweat it too much!!!

As to the topic of the AR grip adaptors, I have seen them around and have actually thought about trying one, as I can always seem to find various AR grips locally on sale, but NEVER any AK grips. Thought the adaptor might help with giving me more flexibility in choices. How does the AR grip angle feel???

When those adapters first came out I thought they were a great idea, there weren't many options for grips that fit the AK at the time and a shit load for the AR, I can see using it if you really like a grip that ins't available for the AK. But as Chip mentioned (and it makes sense because of the grip used) I wouldn't use it for a grip like that, but each is own and if your happy with don't worry about it. :D

Yes that pic makes the receiver look rough, like you used a couple rocks to form it :D It might be the finish on it?

SJ, I don't remember who got the TG, I was trying to get it for a spare, but someone else needed it for a kit that didn't have one with it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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