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Chiroone said:
Put this message in Home Builders Library, but now see it really belongs here.

I have ( thats right, actually have!) one of Wayne Morgans receiver flat bending jigs. While an ingenius piece of equipment, it does need a little tweaking to be acceptable.

Does anyone else here have one so we can exchange some ideas on modification of this thing to make it work more effectively?
Hey Chiroone
Yes I have mine, but you probably already new that from BIY I :grumble:. I e-mailed Wayne about sending mine back and getting one that was not tweaked and he was more than willing to do so, but I have not sent it in yet. My jig, besides being too wide overall, is tapered by about .050". After measuring up a few receivers and bent metal blanks I've decided that I need to weld up my own jig and set it at about .005" over minimum spec or 1.335. 1.250 inside spec plus .040x2= 1.330+.005=1.335". I am also considering hammering the edges of the receiver just a little bit to start the bend BEFORE I stuff it into the jig. Now as far as the top rails go, I think it would be better to build a set up similar to what is used to do the initial bends. Make a jig for the inside dimensions that has the correct taper in it. Make a tapered box jig to match and then stuff the receiver into is side ways and it should roll those upper rails right on over. Anyhow, let me know what you think and maybe we can brain storm something. In the mean time I picked up 4 of the Tapco flats for $15.00 ea. w/o rails.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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