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Attention Vz 61 skorpion lovers!

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I just got off the phone with Dan Brown from Czechpoint USA today. He was nice enough to chat with me about the company and there products. I found out through him that the Skorpion semi-auto Vz61 will be available in 380acp. He said that the end of this year will be the release time for the US market. There company has also designed a 20rd 380acp magazine that they are selling right now to the Russians. He mentioned that the mags are made of polymer and work really well with the 380acp. Dan said that there will be SBR and Sliencer ready versions of this pistol in 380acp. I thought I would post this info to anyone who has always wondered or wanted a more powerful skorpion to shoot or collect. Thank you Dan for answering all my questions and letting us all know whats on the Horizon for Czech point USA. :rockin:
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.380 is stupid, and will not sell. Should have been 9x18 mak.
I do agree with you. Dan said that the company couldn't afford designing a whole new lower receiver to accommodate 9x18 mak or 9mm nato. I can understand because of the economy right now. It will be an expensive pistol to feed. But who knows.... Once there is a 380 cal out there some one will take the initiative and offer parts out there that will accommodate 9x18mak.
.380 is not stupid as it is the "hot potato" round right now. Consider all the .380 pistols in the current market. 9x18 is dead as even the Russians are using 9x19 in their newest models. That would be a good choice.
.380 is not stupid as it is the "hot potato" round right now. Consider all the .380 pistols in the current market. 9x18 is dead as even the Russians are using 9x19 in their newest models. That would be a good choice.
9x18 is still cheap. I doubt that 9x19 is possible in a scorpion.
Dan said that the pressures that 9x19 nato produce would require some extensive machine work. Also a new receiver and a list of several parts that would need to be designed. Dan said that most of the original factory machines for the 9x18 mak and 380acp skorpion pistols are lost somewhere in the czech republic. Thats when they came to the conclusion that 380acp was the most viable route to take. All I know is I want one with as a licensed SBR and a suppressor.
Wiki response;
In the 1960s, three other variants of the vz. 61 were developed in Czechoslovakia: the vz. 64 (chambered for the 9x18mm Makarov pistol cartridge), the vz. 65—designed for use with the .380 ACP (9x17mm Short) cartridge, and the vz. 68 (in 9x19mm Parabellum), however production of these variants was never undertaken. In the 1990s Česká Zbrojovka offered the following submachine guns: the vz. 61 E (.32 ACP version with a plastic pistol grip), the vz. 82 (chambered in 9x18mm Makarov and featuring an extended 113 mm barrel) and the vz. 83 (for the .380 ACP cartridge). A semi-automatic only variant known as the CZ-91S was developed for the civilian market, available in the aforementioned calibers. The vz. 82, vz. 83 and CZ-91S pistols chambered in 9 mm use straight box magazines.
Oh hell, let's just get a Skorp in 10mm. ;) .380acp is a big improvement over .32acp

I imagine shooting full auto and with a mag of incendiary rounds from Assault Rifle Parts Supplier | AA-OK. That would be one wicked machine pistol to shoot. Here's the link for the ammo. Expensive but cool. .380 acp INCENDIARY AMMO - Pack of 10 rounds | AA-OK
.380acp is a big improvement over .32acp
9x18 or 9mm would be better, but hell I'd buy one in 380.

Thanks for the info Bubba Jam
That's terrible news! Now I have to buy both .32acp and .380! DAMMIT! :)
Another view:

I've a couple of skorps in .32 and it's a fun plinker.

The .32 is now cheaper than .380.

I'd never carry the skorp. It's not the kind of thing I'd throw under the seat of the truck. It would never be my first choice for self defense. In short, it's really not anything other than a fun plinker.

I like it in .32 and the women and children can have fun with it also.
Widner's reloading has a pretty good deal on .32 right now. I think the sale is 12 boxes which is 600rd for $132 dollars. Still expensive in my eyes. But its the best deal I know of to stock up on .32 auto. I personally am going to wait till the end of this year. If I have a choice of .32 auto or .380 in a skorpion pistol its going to be .380. The problem for me is now, is getting some stock pile of .380 going before this pistol comes out. Anyone know where there is still some .380 on the market for sale? Preferred FMJ ammo, I don't want to go plinking with hollow points.
Hell, .380 is more expensive than .45 or .357! 9mm Markov is only $9.00 per 50!!
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