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If you are a Yahoo or Aol user, please note that emails from may be going to your spam/bulk folders. We've noticed an increase of emails from Yahoo and Aol users who never receive the initial confirmation email.

If you have recently registered and more than 12 hours has elapsed since your registration with no sign of the confirmation email, please take a minute to check your spam/bulk folder prior to emailing support. 99% of people who do so have found the Gunco email letter in there. It may also help to add to your email safe list. will never send unsolicited or spam emails to any of our members, nor share/sell information about our members to ANYONE. We do from time to time send out emails to all our members about special events, free giveaways and other important site updates. If you do not wish to receive any emails from the site, please go to your User CP and make the appropriate changes in there.

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FYI... I've had this problem with Comcast, but NOT Yahoo. I just went through the GunCo registration process, and had to opt to use YaHoo in order to get things done. Comcast would not deliver any mail to me from GunCo.

I wrote Comcast a letter about this, and they advised that Gunco would have to submit a request to get this resolved. Their logic seems to be they will block ISP's known for sending a lot of Spam. Bummer is, to my knowledge, Comcast does not have an option to let a user specify a specific address to get through their filter. It is either ON for everything, or OFF for everything, or you can submit a list of address that are OK... But if someone sends you a mail that isn't on the list, it won't get passed through their servers. And they do not have Spam Folders to check like YaHoo. Here is a copy of what Comcast sent me:

----------------------Comcast Message---------------------------------

Thank you for your message.

After reviewing your email, it appears as though there might be an issue
with blocked email. To ensure correct handling of this issue, the mail
administrator for the sending domain will need to visit the following
address and submit a "Blocked Provider Request Form":

Blocked Provider Request Form

Customer Security Assurance cannot address blacklist issues from
individual customers.

When submitting the form, suggest the mail administrator include a copy
of the email header, as well as the mail server names. The sender will
want to review the error message provided with the bounce back message
from Comcast to help identify the blocked IP address, which will be
located in an error code starting with "550." Have the mail
administrator include each IP address currently blocked so we can fully
investigate the issue. You can learn more about how to identify a
blocked IP by visiting the following page:


Also, the following links will provide additional information helpful to
resolving issues when a blocked IP sends email to the

BL001 HELP - FAQ -

BL002 HELP - FAQ -

BL003 HELP - FAQ -


There is probably a lot more going on here than I understand, but the bottom line is I can't get e-mail from GunCo via Comcast. Don't you just love technology!

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Things change, too. I had trouble last night sending email to a yahoo user, they were filtering an email with the word "dick" in the title. It's a guy's name, FCS.

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Comcast is alost cause!

Just as soon as your new customer status wears off, they treat you like a sick dog. They keep moving heir billing dates up and telling you that you are past due a month late even though you paid them.

What a bunch of dirty business!
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