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So I'm getting ready for Bulletfest, makeing sure everything is in good shape for the trip..

My tilt steering wheel has been lose for a few months, and I decided Monday to tear it apart and fix it..

Got out the trusty shop manual, looked it over, grabed the tools and went to work..

Everything came apart easy enough... Found the 4 loose bolts.. loctited and re tigtend them..

Now for putting everything back together.. M F'n POS!!!!!!

It was like a jigsaw puzzle that is painted black, the whole thing..

I broke a part because it was getting dark, and I had been working on it for about 9 hours.. So I had to order the part yesterday, and it came today.. So back to putting it together, anfter about 3 hours this evening I got it finished

Everything works right, and it makes me feel good I did it.. BUT!!!!

It is my suggestion, if your tilt steering becomes loose.. Buy a rebuilt steering column and replace the whole thing.. Do not tear that thing apart... Pain in the ass.... If I'd had got a rebuilt column from the junk yard $75.00, the project would have been done in an hour or so, not 3 days....
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