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Aviator requesting landing instructions....

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Since some of the people I really appreciate from the other board have landed here, it is my honor to land here for a visit from time to time. (Not you D.B. just kidding),

No I am not leaving the other place for good or any other place. This is just another forum where some of my friends are, that's all. Every forum administrator or owner has the right to run their business as they seem fit and I will not argue with their decision or outcome. It would be great if everybody could just get along, but greed is a bad thing.

Anyhow........Sang, how are you kid?, how is the family doing? fill me in, haven't spoken to you in a while, Custer told me you were in a hospital a while back, I hope you are ok now.

Lupe, I spoke to Don, he told me you were here from time to time, I missed your pictures and humor.

And to the rest of you guys who know me from other places...Hi.

Can I land now?
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You guys will have to try harder than this to get away from me!
aviator said:
Mr. Bluedog, I am not trying to get away from you or any one else, as a matter of facts there are a lot of good people at the "other" place. I just dislike when a store owner mistreats their clients...that's why I'm shopping someplace else.

Welcome sir....even if you are a La......:)
I guess I've just been lucky. Most folks treat me pretty well, including the management.
Lupeloff said:
Good to see you Bluedog.:) :)
Hey, wondered were you went.
D.B.Cooper said:
I guess so.
I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year. :bawling:
Sorry Deebie, Antarctica is out of the question for you. 'Too close that hole in the Ozone layer you guys used to warn us about.
Look at these pathetic post counts! 5, 15, 21 :)
It's going well. Not so busy, but my overhead is very low. I'm doing about as well as when I was an associate, but I am working far fewer hours. That's my priority with a 3 month old at home. In January I have some new advertizing going in and I will hopefully have to work harder.
1 - 6 of 65 Posts
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