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Aviator requesting landing instructions....

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Since some of the people I really appreciate from the other board have landed here, it is my honor to land here for a visit from time to time. (Not you D.B. just kidding),

No I am not leaving the other place for good or any other place. This is just another forum where some of my friends are, that's all. Every forum administrator or owner has the right to run their business as they seem fit and I will not argue with their decision or outcome. It would be great if everybody could just get along, but greed is a bad thing.

Anyhow........Sang, how are you kid?, how is the family doing? fill me in, haven't spoken to you in a while, Custer told me you were in a hospital a while back, I hope you are ok now.

Lupe, I spoke to Don, he told me you were here from time to time, I missed your pictures and humor.

And to the rest of you guys who know me from other places...Hi.

Can I land now?
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Hey Aviator!

Things are okay with me physically except food poisoning I had on Monday (my wife and 2 year old got it too). I finally had the stitches from near death experience taken out about 2 weeks ago that Custer told you about.

You might find a post about my little girl and her troubles, it's been a bad year for my family.

Anayway, I do have a new little boy who is doing fine at 5 months old.

Is that little girl still keeping the old man running? How are your sons doing? One was a Fireman and the other researcher of plants I believe? Your wife is still the dean of that college and doing well?

Can you believe I remember all that?

What a lot of people do not rememebr or know about me is I have a mind like a trap and I keep everyting until one day my head will expolde :D

Great to have you here!
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Time does fly with little ones around, sorry to hear about your son and the firefighter thisng. I had a friend that took many years to get on with a good department.
Bluedog said:
Look at these pathetic post counts! 5, 15, 21 :)

Hehe, should have been here at the begining and you could have a post count like me.

JK , Thanks for coming here guys and no one will be booted from here just because they are members any other place.

Have a good time. :thankyou:
aviator said:
Why?, I've done nothing wrong there.
Well , I doubt you would get banned there, but there have been people that got swept up and banned on accident when things start hitting the fan.
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