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Aviator requesting landing instructions....

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Since some of the people I really appreciate from the other board have landed here, it is my honor to land here for a visit from time to time. (Not you D.B. just kidding),

No I am not leaving the other place for good or any other place. This is just another forum where some of my friends are, that's all. Every forum administrator or owner has the right to run their business as they seem fit and I will not argue with their decision or outcome. It would be great if everybody could just get along, but greed is a bad thing.

Anyhow........Sang, how are you kid?, how is the family doing? fill me in, haven't spoken to you in a while, Custer told me you were in a hospital a while back, I hope you are ok now.

Lupe, I spoke to Don, he told me you were here from time to time, I missed your pictures and humor.

And to the rest of you guys who know me from other places...Hi.

Can I land now?
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Well, Aviator, here is another place I get to chase around with you.
aviator said:
Custer........I think of you as a friend, I have said before, if there is a person I can really relate to it's you......
Thanks, Aviator, the feeling is mutual.
aviator said:
Mr. Bluedog, I am not trying to get away from you or any one else, as a matter of facts there are a lot of good people at the "other" place. I just dislike when a store owner mistreats their clients...that's why I'm shopping someplace else.

Welcome sir....even if you are a La......:)
Watch it....
Yeah, especially if you think you might get banned.
aviator said:
Why?, I've done nothing wrong there.
Not you, Aviator, I meant me.

I think my occasional flare up with Moderator Vampire might result in me being banned.

That is not my desire, but he seems to enjoy some special status that I am unwilling to give him.
aviator said:
I doubt if you get banned there for flaring up with Vampire, many others before and after you have done it and nothing ever happens....he is the "bad boy" of the forum....kind of Fred Sanford with moderator status.

Me, heck I've been banned from entire being banned from an internet forum wouldn't hurt my feelings much. Besides, people I consider friends are already here.
You might be right, but this is going to turn into a money issue very soon when contributor status comes up in January. That might get ugly.

That is a very funny line about being banned from a whole country, by the way!
aviator said:
Oh, yeah....just hold your temper and you'll be ok.
Not one of my strengths. Only time will tell.
aviator said:
Didn't they teach you how to bite your tongue in college? As a businessman you have to know how to do it.
As I get older I have less patience with BS but I do pick my spots.
aviator said:
Thanks AClay....gosh....I'm blushing......

Agreed, business is business and everybody runs theirs as they best see fit, however, there has to be a certain condescency towards clients, otherwise they'll stop shopping there. I for one enjoy being among educated people, so it's been my choice to start posting here, I still enjoy reading some of posts there.

My friend Custer.....patience is a virtue that comes with age, don't let mid-life crisis get to you.:cheers:
Not a chance. I plan on going on like my 80 year old Dad, denying age and never growing up.

I can trick myself even if I can't trick others.
I'm sure I speak for many who would say they sure miss Lupe.
IIRC, you were taking a nap.
Well, Cephus was in all caps mode then and it did not work.
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