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Bad 5.45 barrels, how do I spot them?

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I hear that there are a bunch of '74 rifles that keyhole because they were made with bad barrels. Now, I have a Bulgy kit that I got off gunbroker that came with a new US made barrel. The obvious question is, how do I know if I got one of the keyholers?
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I doubt the kit you got has a bad barrel, the ones that had the keyhole problem where built rifles by CIA a few years ago. Somewhere I saw a thread stating they chambered a 223/5.56 barrel for the 5.45x39
You could slug the barrel to find out its diameter if you are worried about keyholing. Keyholing is caused by an oversize bore allowing the bullet to wobble or even tumble.
I also think they were the tantal barrels they had the problems with not the bulgy 74/s. They are completely different barrels. I have 4 of those US made barrels that I will likely build on but really have no concerns about them myself...2 chrome and 2 no chrome.
Cool. Thanks for the clarification. I'll slug it just to be sure.
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