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Barrel break in: How To? Should I?

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I just ordered a Savage Model 10FP-LE2 in .308.

I've heard about doing a barrel break-in.

Is it really worth the time and trouble to do one?

Those of you who have done a barrel break-in on some rifles and not on others, do you REALLY notice a difference in accuracy?

What is the proper technique for a barrel break-in for maximum accuracy?
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I've done the barrel break-in thing on some rifles and and just shot the hell out of others and I haven't noticed any difference. I guess it really depends on the condition of the barrel (I don't mean whether it's new or not). If the barrel has rough spots, break-in might do some good.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it won't hurt to do the break-in thing. Remember there was a time when we didn't know about barrel break-in.

"NEVER" use an aluminum cleaning rod and don't use "stainless steel" bore brushes.

DON'T shoot the rifle until you have the proper cleaning tools. Use a one piece coated rod (Dewey), it will protect the bore, also use a chamber guide, it will protect the chamber (don't use a generic guide), find one that fit's your action. Also use JB bore paste (we call it group tightener) to polish the bore.

Barrel Break-In Routine: (This info was provided by Compass Lake Engineering for their match grade high-power AR-15 barrels)

No more than 20 rounds are fired at each time beore cleaning the barrel for the first 60 rounds. Each time the barrel is cleaned for the first 120 rounds, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

Procedure for thoroghly cleaning: In all cases, it is vital that cleaning tools (brushes, patches, ect.) be pushed from the breach to the muzzle and then removed from the end of the rod at the muzzle end. DO NOT drag any back through the muzzle.

A. Clean the bore with a good bore cleaner such as Shooter's Choice.
B. De-Copper the bore with Shooter's Choice Copper Remover or an equivvalent (follow manufactures intructions).
C. Clean the bore with JB Bore Cleaner as follows:
1. Work JB into a new patch.
2. Wrap the patch around a jag or worn brush.
3. Push through the barrel for 10 strokes. (Replace the patch after the first 5 strokes)
4. Clean bore (after JB) with a cleaning solvent like Hoppes to remove any remains of the JB Bore Cleaner.
5. Dry bore with Birchwood Casey's Gun Scrubber (If rifle will not be fired until a later date, run a patch with CLP into the bore, remember to clean bore with Gun Scubber before firing)

Cleaning and Lubrication:

A. After the barrel is broken in, clean the bore immediately each time after the rifle is fired.
B. De-Copper the barrel every 300 - 400 rounds
C. JB the bore every 1000 rounds.

Hope this helps.
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