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I don't think using JB Weld is considered legal in eliminating the bayonet lug. Kinda like using it for the threads and a muzzle break on the barrel (ATF won't buy it). I believe that's why people are welding the bayonet lug area.

But if doing it for looks, I guess it would look like the cleaning rod guide if finished and painted properly.

If I'm wrong in thinking this way please let me know.

As far as breaking out, I don't think so, I used it to level the scope mounts and center the scope in the rings (like glass bedding the scope to the rings) on my rifle (6mm Rem) and haven't had any problems at all. Used Acra Glass black dye to color the JB Weld. Can't tell it was done.


1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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