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belt fed 22 rimfires!

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Lakeside Guns - Class III (Class 3) Tippmann Arms Rifles Shotguns Pistols Revolvers Accessories - (920) 897-4682

these guys have some very cool belt fed LMG clones. if i win the lotto who knows i might buy some of um!

sorry if this has been posted before--
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Man do I need some more money that looks like so much fun
I remember when the full auto Tippmans first came out, IIRC they even made the cover of Guns and Ammo. Always wanted the .22 magnum Ma Deuce, but with what an original goes for now I could buy a house. Or two.
[video=youtube;abTGAP7tG0Y]]YouTube - Beltfed .22 mini machine gun[/video]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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