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I purchased a flat from "Joeken". Bending it shouldn't be a problem since I have access to a hydro. finger break.
My main concern is the top two rails....If I bend .20" from the rear to the front am I going to lose any difference of that bend for the front trunnion?
I know there's not a bend at the front but only a lip for the trunnion isn't this going to matter from the .20" bend from the rear?
Does anyone happen to have a receiver diagram or blueprint scales for bending the top rails? :confused: :confused:

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I would go by the inside dimensions, rather than the rail width.

You want to end up with 1.200 inside height on the front and IIRC 1.700 inside on the rear.

You can always tweak the rails, after they are bent, but once you bend the rails, you can not change the ID
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