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-Bending top rails-?

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I purchased a flat from "Joeken". Bending it shouldn't be a problem since I have access to a hydro. finger break.
My main concern is the top two rails....If I bend .20" from the rear to the front am I going to lose any difference of that bend for the front trunnion?
I know there's not a bend at the front but only a lip for the trunnion isn't this going to matter from the .20" bend from the rear?
Does anyone happen to have a receiver diagram or blueprint scales for bending the top rails? :confused: :confused:
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-ak top rail bends-

Thanks for the response, and I'm impressed with his project But that really doesn't show any details on the 2 top rail bends.

7.62x39 said:

Check out this thread for some flat bending info.
Now....That's the information I needed.
Thanks alot man!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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