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My favorite guns are:

Rifles: M14, M1 Garand, AKM, AK74, 98 Mauser, Mini30, Mini14, Anschutz 54, 10-22.

Revolvers: S&W M25, Webley Mark VI, Taurus 445, S&W M29,
S&W M27, Ruger Speed Six, S&W M17.

Pistols: 1911, Star PD, Browning HP, CZ75.

Shotguns: High Standard Flight King, Winchester Model 12.

Here is what the "experts say":


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Nice list Tommo! I had a 1970's Anschutz 54 target rifle given to me back around 2000 or so. Super accurate and neat to shoot. But at the time I was mostly hunting and traded it in towards something I'd get more use out of.

The ones I shoot the most are:
AR15's (I've got over a dozen different chambers and some multiples, so it's sheer volume) Aks, 10/22. The ones I LIKE to shoot are the M1 Garand, M1A, M1 Carbine, Mini-14, Enfield, Mauser, Thompson, KP31, UZI, and Marlin lever guns 22lr, 30-30's, 38special-357mag-357Max, 444 and have a Ruger/Marlin 45-70 ordered.

Favorite revolvers: S&W 29; 629 and 686.

Favorite pistols: Kimber 1911 SS Gold Match; Ruger MK2 ss competition model; Sig 226, 229,

Favorite shotguns: Rem 1100, 870, 11-87

Favorite Black powder: I still like shooting my cheapie CVA 50 hawken rifles and Armi San Marco 1858 Remington clone even though I've got nicer BP guns to shoot.
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