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Best way to remove barrel from built receiver?

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Anyone have some good suggestions on how to remove a barrel from a built receiver or completed rifle. Without removal of front or rear trunnions.
Thanks for any help with this.
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I would use a press with a bar.
After removing your barrel pin you put your rifle in a press, barrel pointed down towards the ground with plates supporting the trunion. Stack 30 or 40 pennies on the chamber end of the barrel. Use a heavy flat bar that rests between the pennies and a block that is almost as high as your penny stack. The bar is bridging between the pennies and a spacing block. You then use the press to push on the bar close to where the barrel is.
PM me if you have any questions about this.
kinda like this right...
it's the PDF file in this thread
I think the way they show in that pdf would be the easiest way without building (welding) something.
I've used my AK-Builder barrel press jig before when I've had an "oopsie".

It works fine.
Yes that is the set up I would use
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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