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Bill Goodmans gun and knife show-dayton Oh

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Man, what is with these shows anymore?First of all someone forgot to tell them ammo has dropped slightly-they are more expensive than 3 months ago.Seven dollars a box of 20! I told them to shove it,and that was for golden tiger/wolf.
Then the couple of local guys that deal in AK's are total scam artists.One guy was trying to sell me a romy G kit for 250 but the front trunnion looked like a retard demilled it.Two holes were welded closed,the others were egged and looking through the chamber i could see daylight where they drilled through the barrel."Its still useable" is the response I got and when i pointed out the barrel I got a stupid look.I put down the $150 worth of parts i was gonna buy and walked away.Feel sorry for the rookie that blows his face off because that guy is more concerned about a buck.
I watched as the other guy tried to sell someone a amd 65 handgaurd and gas tube for his Romy he was putting together.He got rude with me when i pointed out the the difference but the guy was obviously new to this and did not know it wouldn't fit.A month ago this guy tried to sell me an AMD 65 kit that was as bad as the above kit and lied to me to get me over there to buy it.A#$holes!:mad:
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I've seen some hokey shit go down at the BG Dayton shows.

Much worse than what you're talking about.
I been to two Dayton shows. Since the Cincinnati shows are closer I don't get up there much.It is bigger and some of the venders are different.The last show I went to was in Jan.I was looking for a 22 pistol for my kids to shoot and found a Buckmark walking the floor.Ammo was high compaired to internet places like AIM or CFS.I Bought primers also for my 45s.
I've gotten to the point of not going -- and it's a shame because they were once a favorite form of entertainment and a source of some great deals.
yea not anymore.Used to be more private sellers, now you cant find anybody that wont do a background check even for cash.No deals to be had unless you found a patron with something.I did miss out on a wasr 10 for $150,apparently it was missing the bolt/carrier,spring,and dust cover and the guy didnt like what he was going to spend to buy them there so he sold it to someone in the crowd.Damn,if only I saw him first.
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