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Blue Crabs..

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What a year we are having down here on the Saint Johns river.
Blue crabs are coming in like crazy.. If I never eat another Blue Crab I will not be upset. I am sick of the damn things already.
We are allowed up too 5 recreational traps per fishing license per household.
I have caught about 100 so far.
Took on a partner in my venture. He is a good ship mate. Works hard.


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Looks like you have two mates and both are pretty good looking and competant. We land locked people don't get good food like that up here.
:geezer::geezer::geezer:Ahhhhh.....The joys of boating Florida rivers. Fricken jet skis & a hundred million crab trap bouys.:)
If they're anything like the Maryland Blues I used to eat at my cousin's place, I wouldn't mind getting sick and tired of them! God bless you and yer crabs, 4th!
And all this time I thought they were creatures that feasted on blue balls and the like. :p

I will have to second the sentiment that I would seriously enjoy getting a shot at having the chance of tiring of what you have on your table.
Old Bay is good stuff ,but I'm not a fan of crabs.
They would eat you,eat them first.
I had crabs once, I didn't like them.
All we needed in Fla. was a string & a chicken neck, catch em all day. Good eating!!
When I was a kid, my brother and I used to get Blue Crabs when our mother would take us to the inter-costal water way. We would use chicken necks as bait, we would just tie a line on with a small weight to keep it on the bottom and wait for the crab to take the bait, then hall them up to the surface and scoop them up with a net. It was great fun for kids but those pinchers were nothing to mess with. My older brother chase me around the yard with the bigger ones if no adults were around.
I suppose that a steady diet of crabs would get boring, just like mountain oysters get for us land bounders.
MMMM crab
I like them as an appetizer or just to snack on, to much work for what you get out of them.

And it's been a long time since I've had a good crab cake, you use to be able to get them around here with a lot of meat but now it's just filler with a hint of crab flavor.
crab cakes are so nice!
My local Kroger store has been pushing there store made crab cakes @ 1$ ea for about 6 months now.I can put six away easy.
One thing I really miss about being in South Carolina is the blue crabs. We'd go to the 3rd Bn pond on PI with a crab trap and a shrimp net and a case or five of beer and fill our icechests with crabs adn shrimp. Good times.

Was a place on the way to Hunting Island near Beaufort called Johnson Creek Tavern. had an amazing blue crab cake sandwhich.
Hey 4th, did Officer Beal inspect those crabs, they look a little small :)
4th are they the same as down in panama?it seems they were everywhere but hardly any native ate them.
I'm not a fan of crabs.
I don't care what kind of spin you put on it, it's still a bug!
Damn, you'll got me hungry dragging out this old thread! Haven't had any crabs in a while. We have plenty of nice crabs down here in the swamp too. I have not fished them in a few years since my traps got stolen.
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