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Bolt Disassembly? please help (Romanian SAR-1)

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I've ownd a Romanian SAR-1 for some time now, and there have been some jamming problems.(doesn?t happen often but it does happen) So I want to take the Bolt apart to give it a real good cleaning. Using this Tutorial but the pins wont move!
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I don't regularly take apart and clean my bolts, so I really can't give you any specific advice on this subject. However,if it were me, I would take close attention to what is happening the next time it occurs. Maybe even take pictures. There are alot of very knowledgeable people around here that should be able to give you some sound advice on the problem. Many times it is a matter of them needing a little more info. to help you figure it out. In the mean time, hopefully someone can give you advice on the stuck pins.
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