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bought a new gun

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I read enough good word about this gun that I decided to buy one when I had the chance. Now do not laugh . I bought it at the cummings tool truck and it is an air gun. the price was only 19 bucks. nice real wood stock, rifeled barrel. all in all prety well made. the guy in the truck said they were not alowed to get more but what they had was grandfarthered to sell. he said they were sometimes used in china as training rifles instead of an SKS. who realy knowes if this is true or not but it did slightly have the feel of an SKS. I have never used an air gun before but it seems prety powerfull, I put a pellet rite through cliford the big red dog's ass!!
they had another air gun their that was WAY more powerfull and it looked kind of like an AK but it cost $80 ,, sorry I took a pass on that. All in all I am pretty happy with the one I got, and realy supprized they can make it for $19.

BLA BLA BLA you know ,,, I just thought I would tell you guys
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Yeah those cheap Chicom air guns are great fun. BTW, someone told me that the one that folds like an AK supposedly have the AK folding stock on it. I'm not sure about that but now that the ban is sunsetting I might have to check it out and get one.
I have a darn woodpecker that keeps trying to put a hole in the back of my house but everytime I get the air rifle out, cock it, load it, and then run around the house, he takes off! LOL
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