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BREN receiver peices?

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Gentlemen (and ladies if applicable),
I am interested in finding some BREN receiver pieces so that I may do a BREN rebuild in the future....I know about Military Supply website...but no one there knows how to respond to any of you gents have pieces for sale/trade/ or know somewhere that i would be able to go to acquire them at a REASONABLE price? Trades PREFERRED.
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If your interested, I have enough receiver and parts kit to build
3 or 4 Bren rifles. Also have a new Bren jig kit.
Not selling just receiver pieces...please post if you are selling receiver pieces and not just whole kits. I have a kit, I am looking for pieces of the receiver at the moment.

For the record, Jimmy T's kits are the best looking I have seen online. If I had the $ they would all be mine...minus the dog, fence and backyard ;)
I would be in for some pieces as well. I only need some small ones to fill in where welds were. When I'm done I could pass the extras on....

Help a bro make a postie!!
if the gaps are small, under 5/16" like most older io kits were you are better of filling the gaps with weld.

here are some photos of one of mine that were filled, you have to look really closely to see the welds. if you want your receiver built or a completed gun built, semi or postie I can do it for you.

I also do conversions to 7.62 x 54R, it is cheaper and easier to get than .303, here is a video of a freind of mine shooting it in 7.62 x 54R



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bump. Willing to trade well for receiver parts...good usable parts.
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