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Sell as kits or Build THEN sell?

  • Sell both as Kits

    Votes: 5 14.3%
  • Build both as SBR's (subcontract professional builder) THEN sell

    Votes: 2 5.7%
  • Keep both

    Votes: 13 37.1%
  • I like pie!

    Votes: 15 42.9%

Build or Build THEN sell?

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First off, I will NOT return requests to buy what I am asking about here so save your time.

I have a couple virgin Bulgarian kits; one in 5.56 and one in 7.62

Looking to liquidate

My options are:

1- Sell both as kits

2- Build both kits as SBR's (subcontract InRange or similar for the build as I'm an 07/02) THEN sell.

3- Keep 'em

4- I like pie
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considering that you can buy a wide selection of ak's for under $400.00 building & selling even as sbr's is a losing proposition right now. best thing to do if you don't need the $$ is stuff them in the closet and forget about them til they are worth something.

I have a couple of nice sbr krinks I would like to sell but right now they aren't bringing what they are worth.

Century has flooded the market with cheap guns and has deflated gun prices like real estate is now.

This is the time to buy, not sell!!
Hello eyegun,
Why not build both and also stash them securely away for the future ??? They one day may be more valuable for survival trade than worthless cash USD's.

This is a real bad time to sell anything. It is a buyer's market.
You can buy the AK's cheaper than you can build them.
Just set on them for a bit. The market will come back when the
Obama group starts the ban all gun march.
I would keep them, unless you have a pressing need for the cash to pay off a high interest debt or to stock up on something more important (ammo, food, etc.).
Id get them built now while there still legal to build. if laws changed and the assult weapon ban were reinstated it would be illeagle to build them in the future and then your SOL. Id build them as 16" barreld functional weapons now and put them a way. then if prices spike your ready.
If they are Krink kits and you want/need some cash, sell them as kits. Krink kits are selling for top dollar right now.
Building them as an SBR reduces the resale value, IMHO. Unless you are 07FFL/SOT you now have added a $200 tax to the cost of building them, and the buyer has to pay another $200 to transfer it to him. Possibly another $200 if they are out of state.

Sell as a kit if you must, but with the current market I would hold on to them if you don't need the money.
I'm an SOT so the extra $200 loss doesn't apply- it's a wash.

I'll keep the kits or have them built as rifles with fake cans. Depending on what the market for krinks with fake cans are these days.

Probably just keep them.

Thanks for the advise.
This is a real bad time to sell anything. It is a buyer's market.
You can buy the AK's cheaper than you can build them.
Just set on them for a bit. The market will come back when the
Obama group starts the ban all gun march.
+1. Prices will soon rise. This administration in D.C. is without question coming after guns before they get done bankrupting our country.
before they get done bankrupting our country
Too late :D
Sell them as kits. Makes more sense to me. :trulies:
i wish i had two kits to build!

that said --if it was me i would build um as regular 16" rifles and toss them in the closet.

you never know when the laws will change and you can't build or sell parts.

if parts go sky high later and you need $$ you can de-mill it and all your out is some labor and a $30 for a cheep receiver or what $12 for a flat if you bend it yourself.

and if other things go to shit having a nice pair of AK's in the closet might be the thing to have--and a couple tins of ammo.

PS i think you'll make more $$ selling pies!

Build them keep them and enjoy them. The more good guys keep their firearms,and keep them safe and secure then the fewer numbnuts can eventually get a hold of those firearms and make us look bad by bubba-rizing good old rifles claiming there "lighter fur huntn",or thugging them out and terrorizing the local population.They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."


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You should at least keep/ build the Bulgarian .223 kit, as they are pretty rare.

Bulgarian 7.62x39's are not so rare. In fact, you can still get SSR 85's for around $550-$600, which is builtw/ military parts and imported as a sporting rifle w/ a single stack magwell, which is then opened up to accept double stacks (By TGI) and also sports a Bulgarian mill-spec. 1.6mm stamped receiver.
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