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I was so excyted with my 65 that I started it tonight. I got my reciever allmost finished to accept the 65 parts. I got the notch for the folder all set. I found one of the rear trunion holes allready worked but I had to drill one more for the lower rivet. I drilled the hole in the bottom of the reciever for the folder lock screw. the front holes all ligned up as expected.
Now for the extra holes in the reciever put their for a standard rear trunion,,, I thought about filling them with weld like I did on a polish kit, but after thinking long and hard I think I will just let them alone. I know some guys will not accept unused holes but I think I can live with it just fine. I will post photos later on and you guys can tell me if I realy need to fill them or not. this weekend I will do some welding for the barrel extention and break and press rivets, so I will be fireing teusday :headspin:
oh yea I drilled and tapped the break put in the set screw and ground it flush ready to weld.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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