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bulgarian and hungarian kits ironwood furn.

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Here are a bunch of kits How about your choice for $390 shipped. Paypal, and MO okay. These may be crossposted. What you see is what you get.
First off is the milled hungarian kit, matching #s finish is pretty gone but the metal and barrel are actually pretty nice, the wood, well its kinda beat but refinishable and its the only kit I have seen with the blonde color. bullet test is good. sold

Next off is two bulgarian milled kits, the only matching numbers are the bolts and carriers. Barrels have some light pitting near the chamber bullet tests are good. Folders barrel is best, and bolt and carrier are like new. I did find a third wood screw for the fixed kit.

Next is a bulgarian ak74 kit, looks like it was pretty much new when it was cut up, two piece brake and non dimpled trigger guard. spot welds on the brake and bayo lug. Wood is in new but couple of finish blems on the buttstock like on a lot of these kits.

Finally we have an Ironwood designs Walnut milled stock set These are in great shape and are US parts. I got the metal butpad with it, but it does not fit, seems a little small, I don't know what its for. $90 shipped.

Thanks for looking.
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I'll take the hungarian.... Please send your paypal addy so I could send you the money.

seller never pm'd me back on all 3 forums that he had posted for sale.
anyone know this guy?

id like to pick up the wood set.
I am here, sorry, I have been out of town since 3-31, sister got married on april fools day!
Bulgy Available?
Yes bulgarians are available, Hungarian is sold
I also have a set of vz58 repair plates I will sell for $55 with kit or $60 outright. They are the m70, type III style.
withdrawn sent to gun broker
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