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Buyers Beware - Cape Fear Brass

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I purchased 1000 pieces of once-fired .308 brass from Cape Fear Brass online on 03/06/10 for a good price. I received an immediate order confirmation via email, so I'm thinking everything is on the up and up.

Days pass and still no package at my door; still no notice from USPS of a package for me sitting at the local post office.... So I emailed David Hargit, proprietor of Cape Fear Brass (I assume), to see if he had any information on my merchandise.

According to him, the order was returned because it failed inspection. At this point 10 days have passed between giving the brass to USPS and him notifying me that there's a problem. Hmmmm....

He said he resubmittited the brass for shipment Wednesday, 17 March. I immediately asked him for a tracking number. He didn't respond.

I asked him again today (24 March) for a tracking number. He responded immediately with the OLD tracking number.

IMO, this business is either incompetent or criminal. Probably incompetent, since he responded to my inquiries sporatically.

I've since asked him to cancel my order and refund my money. He hasn't responded.
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David just responded. Said he'll refund my money.
Stay tuned.
Maybe he's having supplier problems. His site lists 308 out of stock now.
IMO, a business should inform their customers if they ran out of stock and give them the option of withdrawing their order.

This outfit didn't do that. Instead, they ignored my emails. And if I pressed, they gave bogus information.

We'll see if they make good on either the merchandise or the refund. If they do, I'll gladly eat my words publicly.
Sorry for your luck. Of your 6 posts, all seem to have complaints about vendors. Stick with Gunco's vendors and you shouldn't have any problems. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the tip, tanvil. I'll keep it in mind.
Scharch Mfg Inc.

Great brass and great people to do biz with.

[no affiliation other than a satisfied customer]
Scharch Mfg Inc.

Great brass and great people to do biz with.

[no affiliation other than a satisfied customer]
Great looking site. Bookmarked.

Thanks a bunch.
A refund of the full amount was posted to my account 03/26. Interestingly, the brass he said he shipped 03/18 has yet to show up.

I purchased stuff through a different vendor last Thursday. The merchandise arrived two days later. This vendor is in North Carolina as well.

Needless to say, Cape Fear will not make my preferred supplier list.
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