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For those that do not know.....

You can get a CZ-52 pistol between $89 and $115 with holster and 2 mags.
The CZ-52 uses 762X25 ammo and is one hot round!

1895 Nagant revolvers can be gotten for about $85 to $100 and a 32 ACP cylinder for around $50. The Nagant 1895 is unique becaue the cylinder locks itself up again the barrel sealing the gases when fired.

Ballaster Molina's can be gotten for around $250. They are pretty much the same as a 1911 except for the grip saftey taht was not incorporated in the 1927 design.

AIM, SOG, and several other companies are carrying these pistols right now C&R delivered to your door if you have the license.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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