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Does anyone know when the Cabelas near Wheeling, WVA is supposed to open. That is a fantastic store. I have made the four hour drive to the one in eastern PA several times. They run some great specials on Wolf 7.62 ammo, many times with free ammo boxes. The one near Wheeling is going to be big. They even put in their own clover leaf off I70 for it. I think I know where Cephus will be hanging out. Jack
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It opened today!!!! I will be going there for a visit 2morrow..
Cephus said:
Hey mike directions please ,How far from 250 and are they giving anything away . :thumbup1: :) :thankyou:

It's about 20 miles from were 250 comes out onto route 2.. You might be better coming up I-79 to I70 back into WV.. It is about 4 miles from PA on I-70...

"are they giving anything away?" HELL NO.. You get a map for free when you come in the door.. Their prices vary from a little high to way out of line.. I saw some used guns for more than I sell the same thing for new...

But it is shure a purrty store though..

They got a aqaurium with WV native fish in it.. There is a 40 pound catfish that was caught in a local lake here a couple weks ago..

Then there is the Whitetail museam, it has the real mount of just about every top record deer on the books.. Only one of them is a reproduction, and that is the largest deer taken with a bow..

Bargin cave looked promising but was way tooo crowded to give a through look..

The old time shooting gallery was big fun..

the restaraunt is a tad expensive, but look and smelled really good.. I will eat there next time I go up..

Some nice old stuff in the Gun library but WOW the prices are very harsh.. $1300 for a M1 Garand mixmaster,, $1200 for a O3A3 mixer.. and lets not even talk about the poor condition Trapdoor Springfield..

Used guns had a pre-ban DPMS ar-15 $1795, used WASR-1 for $495 with 1 clip and butthole stock..

Did'nt look at ammo prices,I had my kids with me and they wanted to head to the shooting gallery..

All in all it may be a good place to buy some new hunting clothes, but buy guns at your local shop..
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